“Thanks for all your help the past 2 years. You were absolutely critical to Maria’s success on the ACT. She might not have gone to college without your help.” – Mary Jo

Emily has been a lifesaver. Although we have just begun to use her services, I have already noticed a positive change in my daughter and her schoolwork. I am very happy to have her as a tutor, and I am looking forward to having her work with my daughter.”   – Susan

“Emily helped both of my daughters improve their cumulative ACT scores by 4 to 5 points.  With her coaching, one of my daughters was able to attain a 36 in Reading and a 35 in English!  Emily figured out each of my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses, and then focused her tutoring on the areas that would make the biggest difference.  She worked well with both girls, despite their different personalities.  Because of her ACT scores, my daughter not only got into several of her top choice schools, but received merit scholarships that made them affordable. I highly recommend Emily for private tutoring services for the ACT!  She is effective, reliable and a pleasure to work with! I plan to have her tutor my son, when he prepares to take his ACT.”  – Colleen

“Emily helped my daughter prepare for the ACT. After working with Emily, my daughter’s score went up 4 points. My daughter felt very comfortable with Emily and enjoyed her time with her. Emily was very encouraging and positive. They focused on areas in which she needed to improve. I cannot thank her enough. My daughter has been accepted to the college of her choice, thanks to Emily. I highly recommend her.” – Rebecca

“As a parent, this is what I value most about Blair Perzentka. She reaches out to students. She prods and cajoles even the most reluctant students into writing, and reading, and speaking. And the students know that she does this because she cares. She tries to teach them that they can succeed when they try. The work is about learning, not grading, and it shows in the results. She jokes around, tells stories, and has extremely high expectations. Then she helps every child reach for those expectations. This, to me, is what excellence in teaching is.” – Mary Jo Ziegler, excerpt from Teacher of Excellence Nomination Letter

“Thank you so much [Bryan] for an enjoyable semester. Compared to my last math class, I felt much  more prepared going into tests because of the tools and tips you gave to us to help us to prepare for exams.”  – UW-Madison Calculus student

“[Bryan is the] best TA I’ve had at UW so far. I would definitely sign up for another class that he’s going to be a TA for.” – UW-Madison Calculus student

“He gives us practice problems WITH SOLUTIONS! Honestly, Bryan is the best thing since sliced bread.” – UW-Madison Calculus student

“I feel very lucky to have found Emily.  She gave my son the skills and practice he needed to dramatically improve his standardized test scores.  More importantly, my son looked forward to each session.  We ended up extending the relationship to get her help with other class work and final exams.  We have recommended Emily to other parents and would not hesitate to use her services again.”

After working with Emily for only 6 weeks, our daughter raised her Math ACT score by 5 points! Emily helped Brooke understand the concepts in terms that she could understand and they worked exclusively with an ACT prep book and Brooke’s prior ACT test results, concentrating on the areas that she needed the most help with. We highly recommend Emily as a tutor.”